Core Interaction Spring 2018

Design a 900 x 900 composition, using a given color pallette, in sketch. You will pass this composition to a classmate, who will be responsible for recreating that composition using HTML and CSS (to pixel perfection!).

Design Specs

Assigned Pairs

Student A → Student B
(Student A hands static design off to Student B. Student B recreates Student A’s composition using HTML and CSS)

Sakshi → Geddes
Geddes → Erika
Erika → Souraya
Gaia → Eli
Eli → Natashia
Natashia → Sinong
Sinong → Sichao
Sichao → Meredith
Meredith → Meow
Meow → Rachel
Rachel → Savanna
Savanna → Avni
Avni → Jason
Jason → Kiana


Loosely derived from the series by Rafael Rozendaal.